The Policies of Casinoonlinesites.com

The Casinoonlinesites.com website is not and has never been a casino room operator.  It does not provide online casino entertainment or gambling. The website simply undertakes detailed reviews of various casino rooms in order to advertise certain services or to provide general information to the gambling public. To the best of our knowledge, none of the casino rooms presented on the website are operating within the USA jurisdiction.

The Casinoonlinesites.com website shall not be held responsible for any omissions or errors that are on the web pages. It reserves the right to alter the website content without notice. There are some copyright attachments to some of the items that are placed on the website. Therefore they are placed on the website in a method that is intended to be within the interest of the creator. The Casinoonlinesites.com website does not intentionally infringe any copyright provisions or proprietary rights and therefore we make no representations or warranties about certain issues such as:

  1. The accuracy, reliability, completeness or currency of the information on the website.
  2. The fitness or merchantability of the products that are promoted on the Casinoonlinesites.com website.
  3. Viruses and other electronic problems that may arise when someone visits the Casinoonlinesites.com website.

Other Disclaimers on the Casinoonlinesites.com Website

The promotions on the Casinoonlinesites.com websites are liable to cancellation without notice and therefore it is advisable that users check the information first before committing to relying on it. The information on the Casinoonlinesites.com website is subject to copyright law and express consent has to be sought before using it. If in any doubt the user should contact the owner of the copyright and negotiate the terms of usage.

The players on the Casinoonlinesites.com website are advised to verify their status in their countries to ensure that they are not breaking any laws by participating in gambling. The website will bear no responsibility if the individual breaks the laws of a particular jurisdiction. It is their responsibility to ascertain the legal status of their gambling activity. We shall not take responsibility for the deliberate or accidental actions of our visitors who break the law in their jurisdiction.

The people who use the services at the Casinoonlinesites.com website have to understand that there is a real risk of losing their money when they place a bet. The website shall not take any responsibility for any such losses to the visitors. Gambling involves winning and losing. Therefore the people should not take the presence of winners as a guarantee of their own success.

Accuracy of Information on the Casinoonlinesites.com Website

We aim to offer the most accurate information to our clients and will update it on a regular basis. If any client notices something wrong, we would appreciate it if they notify the customer service team at the Casinoonlinesites.com so that it can be corrected. We take no responsibility for the actions of others parties which rely on the information that is found on our website. Alternative they might email the webmaster.