Privacy Policy

Protecting Our Visitors Information

The website is committed to respecting the privacy of the people who use the website. There are a number of information requirements that we have to fulfill as a legal obligation but each piece of information that is collected is stored safely and the visitor can rest assured that that information is only used for the purpose for which it was collected. The website ensures that information that is collected is not sold to third parties under any circumstances. Where there is a need for disclosure, the client will be informed in advance. If the users have any queries about the use of their information, our customer service team will be there to help and talk through any particular problems.

The Browser Information on

The website will keep details of the information that is gathered during the process of visiting the website. This information is used to provide the most accurate products for the clients who use our services. The website logs are anonymous and the people who have been visited will not have their email address or other details included. The information is not analyzed to identify the people who visit the website. Some of our users might have computer systems that can override the website data collection exercises. They are free to enable or disable them as the case may be. However the information that is collected at the website will remain confidential between the company and the user.

The Advertisements on

The adverts on the website are currently limited to the in house programs. These programs are also restricted by the privacy policy on the website. Any external advertisements will be expected to follow the same rules so that our customers are protected. The will not engage in spamming activity based on the information that our clients have left when they visit the website. There are set channels for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Cookies at

The website uses some generic cookies to track the traffic patterns that arise when visitors from other websites land on our pages. The cookies make no attempt to identify the individuals who visit the website and do not try to link their activity patterns to individual accounts. The cookies may be used by individual clients to keep track of their activity but it will not be shared with third parties.

The Policy on Pixels

At the website there is a facility to share usage data especially when they have received a promotion. This kind of activity is only done with third parties that have the highest quality of standards when it comes to data protection. The advertising agencies will be updated on the conversion rates for their referrals but the information will not be used to identify the visitors personally.

Information Updates on the Website

In an effort to bring the best services to our clients, the website will carry out regular updates on the information available. Therefore it is advisable that our clients make regular visits to the website in order to pick up the new details.