Responsible Gaming

The Commitment to Responsible Gambling

As one of the reputable establishments that engage in marketing gambling activities, the team is committed to the welfare of our customers. All players who sign up to the gambling programs through the website gamble responsibly and do not engage in illegal activities.

We will check the age and jurisdiction status of all applicants to ensure that we fall within the remit of the laws of the country where we are operating.

The Features of Responsible Gambling at

  1. People should only gamble the money that they can afford to lose. Gambling as an income generating activity is not advisable and the frequency of the gambling has to be restricted.
  2. Those people who have mental health problems such as depression should avoid gambling because it can make the problems much worse.
  3. The players at must have a budget and a decision as to how much money they are going to spend during a session. This avoids the problems of overspending.
  4. The prudent gamblers will have to make a decision as to the level of losses that they can reasonably sustain on any given occasion.
  5. Responsible gambling on the website involves setting a time limit as to the amount of gambling that can take place.
  6. The prudent gamblers will take regular breaks to ensure that they are not fatigued by the gambling processes.
  7. Responsible gambling on the website involves people refusing to follow up loses in the hope that they can somehow recoup them in one swoop.
  8. There are a number of self help books that promote responsible gambling and they include the Customer Led Deposit Limits and Self Exclusion Tools. These help players to regulate their activities.

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Age Restrictions to Gambling on the Website

The players have to be at least eighteen years to gamble and some jurisdictions have even higher limits. This limit is dependent upon the jurisdictional requirements of the area in question. Most people define this minimum age as the time when the person has reached majority and can enjoy the full rights or responsibilities of citizenship. Minors have to be protected from illegal gambling through the safe storage of passwords. The save option for passwords is not advisable if a member of the family is involved in gambling.

Some Signs of a Gambling Problem

  1. There is a gambling problem if the person concerned has lost either a job or a school place due to gambling.
  2. The problems can be indicated where a person is being made to feel unhappy due to gambling.
  3. Gambling becomes a problem when it starts to affect the reputations of the people concerned.
  4. People who have problems with gambling will feel some remorse after a game.
  5. A gambling problem can be indicated by the presence of serious debt and financial problems in the family.
  6. People who have a problem with gambling will often engage in the activity in order to pay off debts.